Sunday, 10 March 2013

It's a Chap Revolution!

This week we celebrated a significant milestone birthday (I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions on which milestone) of my husband Simon. As regular readers will know Simon is also the photographer for Lesley's Girls under his SJR Photography guise- so it's no surprise his camera accompanied him to his party for some photo booth action, so all of these photos (except the ones of himself!) come from Simon.
As Simon approached the chap era, he had long since donned a tweed jacket and his ever trusty dodgy fair isle jumper and was well on the way to become an official "chap". As such we celebrated his official entry in to Chapdom with a Chap Revolution! Friends and family rendez-vous'ed in the Ballroom at The Minories Art Gallery in Colchester for cocktails, beers, appropriate tunes, as well as a recital from The Curious World of the Grymoire.
There was an array of tweed, pipe and bowlers, as well as gorgeous 1950s dresses, hooped petticoats and cat's eye spectacles.
Simon's camera was firing red hot on the photo booth area, and guests were asked to chose their weapon of choice from handlebar moustaches to pipes and vintage books.
It was a fantastic night, and was lovely to see so many of Simon's friends and family out in force for it, and it was a lovely opportunity for me to demonstrate my thanks to Simon for all he does for me, the children and Lesley's Girls Vintage. So what more can I say except ALL HAIL THE CHAP! 

Special thanks to The Curious World of the Grymoire for the excellent entertainment and The Minories Art Gallery for hosting us.  If you're reading this and get the chance take the time to stop by their pages.  And all the fabulous props on sticks come courtesy of PaperFete on Etsy.

Lauren of Tiny Sketchbook also did a private commission for Simon's birthday present which helped with our chap party decorations, but this was so amazing it warrants a blog post to itself, so watch this space.

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