Sunday, 2 June 2013

Cheeky Tiki Island

We share vintage fashion, tutoirals, tips and lifestyle stories on this blog usually- but as well as that on occasion we like to do a spotlight post on products from other small businesses. This is just such a post- and  it has been a long time coming too!

Last year I bought a green mini-doily broach from Cheeky Tiki Island.  The broach I bought is made from a vintage doily which has been hand sewn with a sugar skull featuring buttons for eyes and hand stitched features.
So much did I like it that I ordered another one in red, this time as a hair clip, which I received on the day of the Secret Vintage Fair.  What I adore about these clips is that they can create a slightly less girly soft look on an outfit.  Much of what I wear are full skirted 1950s dresses, or feminine 1970s maxi dresses- adding these accessories makes what could be a very girly look a different edge and feel- and I love them!  
Emily Show Pony creates her own individual art, clothing and accessories in her own unique (and yes sometimes cheeky) style. Cheeky Tiki designs were included in the Secret Vintage Fair fashion show in March. Featuring screen printed t-shirts, pants and upcycled army jackets. They were a fantastic and unique addition on the cat walk, and whilst I loved the traditional vintage clothes that were featured both before and after the Cheeky Tiki section of the show, it  was refreshing to see something so different in the show, which still celebrated the ideals of vintage, a because a lot of the materials are upcycled.  The collection got a  fantastic reception from the watching crowds.
I always keep my eye on the Cheeky Tiki Island Facebook page and website now to see what Emily is creating next- from children's bodysuits to screen printed underwear- there is always something new and interesting to look at.   

Thanks to SJR Photography for the use of the images, if you are interested in Cheeky Tiki Island products please visit her website and like her Facebook page.


  1. I can't get enough of Cheeky Tiki Island. I have a sugar skull hair clip and bride of Frankenstein pants, which I love and my unborn baby already has a swallow print vest. I will definitely be adding to the collection. X

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