Sunday, 9 June 2013

Guest Post: Singing in the Rain

A close friend of Lesley's Girls- Judy, recently celebrated her birthday with a trip to London to see the classic musical "Singin' in the Rain" and dinner in the Ritz.  We are inherently nosy and love anything with a vintage vibe so we asked Judy to do a guest blog post on her weekend which she kindly agreed to.

Birthday Surprise
Recently I was lucky enough to be taken by my awesome friend, Tracy, to see Singin’ in the Rain followed by dinner at the Ritz.  We donned our glad rags and headed to London. After a wardrobe malfunction, and resulting panicked shopping spree, we arrived at the theatre. 

From the busy, colourful opening chorus number, to the show stopping finale the show was amazing. We both had our favourite numbers (Tracy particularly enjoyed Good Morning, whereas I loved Singin’ in the Rain so much I had goosebumps!) but I felt that the main appeal of the show was that the cast appeared to have as much fun as the audience.
During two numbers in which it rains and the stage is covered with water, (7,000 litres of water are used each time this happens, so it gets pretty wet) the cast were delighting in soaking the front few rows (we were lucky enough to only get a mild sprinkling!) and trying to splash as much as possible. The show has finished now in the West End, but it goes on tour from November, so if you get a chance to see it, we would really recommend it. 

R for Ritz
After the show we made our way to the Ritz, via a quick trip to the Palace, complete with Charles and Camilla sighting! The entrance to the hotel is somewhat intimidating to say the least, with top hatted doormen and a revolving door, and the interior is no less impressive. 
The dining room is Louis XVI inspired, with frescoes, chandeliers and mirrors and the level of detail is incredible. Everything was perfect from the butter which was moulded with a R in it, to the Ritz inscribed plates. Our meal included a glass of champagne, so we (obviously!) started with that and moved on to our starters (mackerel terrine and scallops), to the mains (haddock and beef) and desserts (apple soufflĂ© and pannacotte), all of which were served with a flourish, and so many little touches that made it special. Our only minor gripe was that we were disappointed that the champagne was served in flutes, as we were hoping for saucers to fit the 1920/30s theme of the day. All in all it was the perfect day! 
Thanks to Judy for this post and the images- it looked an amazing day!  You can find out more about their UK tour here.

If you're visiting a vintage themed event and would like to provide a guest post on our blog please get in touch for details.

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