Thursday, 4 July 2013

It's all go

Since the new shop has opened we have been a bit hit and miss with our blog postings, so we are pleased to announce our new programme of posts for you to enjoy regularly:

Sunday: Vintage Street Style
Vintage as seen on the street, in our shop or at events we have been to.... or as submitted by you to us!    We will be ever ready with our trusty camera, to capture the best of the vintage styled individuals we come across to share with you, and hopefully inspire you in your own vintage outfits.  Submit your own vintage outfit posts to this e-mail address if you want to be considered to be included.
Wednesday: Wordless Wednesday
What Wednesday would be complete without an inane picture of a mammoth or a graveyard of daisies or an ever so slightly creepy vintage wedding dress? Every Wednesday, as always, will bring you a quirky, unusual, amusing or just visually appealing image with no words to accompany it. Lazy blogging?  Possibly.  But we love Wordless Wednesday and the fact we get to put up a completely random on the blog to share with you, and get you guessing what an earth we have been up to.
Friday: Local
As we have opened a bricks and mortar retail unit in our home town Colchester, we would like to devote a regular Friday post to our home town. So if you're local you'll enjoy this, and those not so local you may get to see some of the heritage sights that the oldest recorded town in the UK has to offer.
Aside from these three regular fixtures we will also offer all the usual in between ad-hoc posts, from fashion inspirations from different eras of fashion, designers, iconic celebrities or styles to upcycling tutorials, and stories on vintage events or the arts.  We also are welcoming guest bloggers periodically (provided you are NOT pay per link marketing firms- we like to keep our blog content genuine and appropriate)

First off will be the local post tomorrow.

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