Friday, 27 September 2013

Bar Friday

If you have visited the shop you will know we now have a vintage bar as our shop counter, so to honour its special place in our hearts (we don't joke- we love our bar) we are now bringing you Bar Fridays with a different vintage bar or cocktail treat to tantalise the taste buds and get you in the mood for Friday night.
This week we bring you Brandy Cocktail (Fancy). And yes that is how the book describes it- fancy.  So be prepared to don your fanciest rags, even if you are planning on supping this in front of the television as this is what the recipe calls for be in no doubt. Not for the Brandy Cocktail (fancy) are the flannel pyjamas and pipe- oh no save them for Brandy Cocktail (ordinary).

Brandy Cocktail (fancy)
Use the shaker or mixing glass.
3 dashes of Maraschino
3 dashes of Angostura Bitters
2 dashes of Orange Bitters
1 portion of Brandy

Fill with ice, mix, and strain into cocktail glass, the rim of which
has been moistened and dipped into powdered sugar.

Enjoy (responsibly we have been forced to add apparently) and we'll bring you another naughty treat next week from our vintage cocktail store. 


  1. Awesome drink recipe, I like your photos of the vintage book!
    I found your blog because I was changing my layout on mine and had trouble,
    when I looked for help online I found your thread asking for help, and
    it helped me! Thanks from one cool blogger to the next...

  2. I was at this place and ordered a Nojito which was white wine, soda, lime and mint. So basically a mojito but with wine instead of rum. It was really delicious!


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