Friday, 18 October 2013

Bar Friday

It's that time of the week again (sorry it's a little late we obviously had to test them out first!), this week we bring you Black Velvet.  It is a cocktail that strikes fear in to the hearts of some of our friends whom I "treated" to a poor version of this cocktail- they did not enjoy it, however made properly this cocktail really can be delicious.

Invented in Brooks Club in London in 1861 when Prince Albert (Queen Victoria's consort) passed away, it was drunk because to drink champagne while the Queen was in mourning simply wouldn't do- so they made it black by adding stout.

Black Velvet

Serve in a chilled glass.
Slowly pour 100ml of Guinness into the glass and then top of up champagne (slowly).
Stir and decorate with a shamrock if you're feeling clever, or a sprig of mint.

More Bar Friday next week... get your requests in early.  I'm thinking a Bloody Mary.

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  1. i love this photo. and now I'm going to make this cocktail tomorrow night!


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