Tuesday, 29 October 2013


I made the mistake today of asking our Twitter followers what I should blog about today, I may have even gone so far as to say "anything you want". At which point a friend of Lesley's Girls requested zombies (knowing our mutual penchant for the current series The Walking Dead), sadly I don't think I can stretch to zombies as I have a feeling I can't make it work as a vintage inspired blog post... so the next best Halloween topic was witches. So we present to you the classic halloween costume and some of the best vintage witches we could find. If you're going as a witch to a halloween party this year- try a little black vintage dress and accessorise away.
LEFT: Source RIGHT: Source
LEFT: Source RIGHT:Source
But you don't have to be out and out witch- you can go as everybody's favourite witch, Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) from Bewitched. Backcomb your hair, wear a stunning 1960s dress and wiggle your nose. A lot.

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