Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Gift Ideas: Sewing Pattern Kits

This week we have been pulling together a selection of gift ideas that will be arriving in the shop over the next few months.  Now I'm not suggesting that now is the time to rush out and buy presents for "that celebration who's name shall not be mentioned which falls in December" (Lesley's Girls notoriously leave gift shopping until the last minute or drip shop over the entire year- it's one extreme or the other with us!) but as a shop we have to plan our stock early.
The first gift pack we wanted to show you is the gift for the creative seamstress in your life- the vintage sewing pack.  The pack contains fabric, a pattern and a relevant sewing notion (zipper or buttons) to get the recipient started. We do not claim the packs contain everything you need to make the pattern but they are a fantastic gift to inspire the seamstress with a penchant for vintage.

We cannot take all the credit for this neat little gift idea, as this sewing inspiration pack was brought to you with a little help from the talented and ever helpful Apple Crisp, who also has a shop at GO4 Market Cafe who helped create our prototype gift pack.

This is the first of a few gift ideas and packs we are putting together, so keep stopping back over the coming weeks if you're stumped on a gift idea for "that" celebration that shall not yet be named (it's still October I fear for your tender ears if I mention the season yet, but don't worry we'll be bombarding you with it in time no doubt.)

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