Sunday, 29 December 2013

Coming up Rosess

If latest fashion news is to be believed floral fabrics are very big in the High Street at the moment, if you are the sort who likes to follow latest trends but also love the unique style the vintage fashion can provide then this is really a rather good news, as florals have come back time and time again and are a classic textile design throughout fashion history. So at Lesley's Girls we spent a lazy Sunday morning thinking about flowers and have given you a (very) little inspiration about floral vintage fashion.

Floral designs have always been popular as back in the mists of ancient history flowers were used to decorate head-dresses and garlands, then when floral fabrics reached the west they were being imported from Asia and the east at a high price, so they were quite a status symbol until technology moved forward enough that European merchants could also create these fabrics.

From ornate floral designs and Oriental flowers, to ditsy daisy prints and abstract florals, there are so many different floral fabrics that if you wish to "follow" this new season trend you can choose a style that suits you and your personality.

Tea Dresses
Should you prefer the 1930-50s styles you are likely to find to smaller more realistic floral fabrics usually styled with a tea dress design.  We have a had a few in the shop recently and they fly out because they are always popular. This one however is from my personal stash and brought from another local vintage seller- Revolver.

Hippy Chick
Flowers will ALWAYS be associated with the hippy movement in the 1960s- with images of flower power and hippy's "waving flowers about"!  And there was certainly a plethora of gorgeous florals in the 1960s which drew a whole new look to floral designs on clothing.  With brighter colours and larger flowers it was very much a new take on florals. And it didn't just stay with the hippy's it was a design and style adopted by many different styled individuals.
But it's not just dresses that can go floral- think accessorising with a floral vintage scarf. There are so many possibilities with a scarf: tying around the neck, turning into a 1950s styled turban, brightening up a bag or using as a belt.  You can add a splash of colour to a plain outfit and get some floral fabrics in there too.

This floral trend seems to be gearing up just in time for spring, but we don't care about trends or seasons personally and I have been wearing florals all winter long!  So the key is follow the trends if you want to- but if you don't don't worry as providing you are happy with how you look (and you are socially acceptable - ie. not naked in an exam hall or at the local pub!!) you will looking fabulous we assure you regardless of if you are on trend or not.

Pin Up Flowers
As always we can't let a blog post of this type pass without creating a pinterest board alongside it of floral vintage clothing and iconic images, follow the board here and if you have a pin worthy inclusion to the board tag it #LGVfloral

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