Saturday, 4 January 2014

2014- let's start as we mean to go on

Last year we made the decision that we would focus our little shop on vintage of older than 35 years old, particularly 1930s-60s.  It's a plan we have always had since we started out in 2011 but its only this year that time, luck and sheer hard work have allowed us to do. One of the reasons we decided to focus further back is because we have always had a passion for history (I am a history graduate) and more specifically fashion history- personally I am quite unable to pass up the chance of a visit to a costume museum or have a flick through a book about historical fashion details- be that leg o'mutton sleeves or corsets!  

So this year to start our business year as we mean to go on we indulged in a trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum in Kensington, and specifically a gander about the fashion circle to immerse us in the designs and the sheer sophistication of fashion throughout history.  A veritable treat for the eyes.  It goes back some hundreds of years- secretly I long for the ability to sell and wear this much older styles, but there are the more wearable and comfortable styles from the twentieth century on exhibit which I equally adore and fortunately can wear and sell similar items.  And so we're sharing what inspires and excites us at this the turn of the year... and no we're not going to start selling regency dresses- but fashions from the past create the paths of fashion to the the present via some of our favourite stop gaps. 

Images below are deliberately mixed up in terms of era and style.

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  1. I love the V&A, but it must be a family thing, my Mum used to bunk off school to go there......!!


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