Friday, 21 February 2014

Bar Friday Returns!

You know the story. We love our shop counter. Which also happens to be a bar. So we crow bar any related content to said bar in to our lives- blog posts included.  We found our Grandparents 1940s cocktail books.  Bar Friday was born.
Sherry Cobbler (alcoholic)

Mix 3 ox medium/sweet sherry, 1 tsp fine granulated sugar in a 10oz collins glass.
Add a shot of grenadine .
Finally add finely cracked ice or shaved ice, carbonated
 water and stir slightly. 

Decorate with fruits in season and serve with straws.

Ginger Jack (non-alcoholic)

Take 1 cup of apple juice, 4 slices of lime, 2tbsps of simple syrup and 1 pint of Canada Dry
ginger ale, and pour them in to a punch bowl over a block of hard frozen, crystal clear ice
Serve in tall glasses.

Enjoy your evening and let us know you're favourite Friday night treats!

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