Saturday, 8 February 2014

Chanel 2.55

Following our review of "Coco's Secret" we decided to do a short piece on the bag that it was centred on- the Chanel 2.55.  So names after the date it was released February 1955. It is one of Chanel's biggest achievements and one of the most iconic handbags in the world.
Chanel Large Classic Flap bag

The Chanel 2.55 bag has a few distinctive features:

  • The handbag has a shoulder strap, this was unusual in high end luxury hand bags (although more common place in lower end products).  The strap was a distinctive leather threaded chain.
  • The leather was a quilted pattern on the top, again this is iconic distinctive and much copied in handbags over the years since. 
  • Coco Chanel added a secret interior pocket, supposedly for love letters.
  • The lining of the handbag was burgunday, to reflect the colour of the uniforms of the convent whihc Chanel grew up in.
  • The fastening was in the early models a Mademoiselle lock and this changed to the interlocking C's which are more memorable.
Coco Chanel apparently designed the bag because she was fed up carrying bags around, and felt that the modern woman needed to free up her hands and so introduced the shoulder strap. She had originally formed the basic idea for this bag in the 1920s and then re-modelled it in 1955.  This bag is so popular that over 50 years later Chanel are still creating bags based around this classic design. 


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  1. Dying to have this... :) Will definitely have it, one day!!
    Love channel's fashion. A big big fan of her!!


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