Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Vintage Suitcases

Most people will have seen what a big thing vintage luggage or suitcases have become in the last few years, but why is there such and attraction and what can you do with them?!
We think one of the reasons for the popularity of vintage suitcases is the memories and the associations they hold.  They bring back memories of a time gone by, waiting on old fashioned platform, or boarding planes when you could take bottles of liquid through customs, or even smoking on the plane!  They hold memories of some of the best times of the owners life- holidays, or some of the most poignant.  But not only that but the suitcases of old, tend to be more beautiful, more solid and more eye catching than their modern counterparts.  Why ruin a perfectly lovely ensemble with a neon canvas wheeled suitcase you may wonder.  Secondly, suitcases have a myriad of uses- not just for travelling but they can be used in the home for all sorts of alternative uses.
So we have scoured the internet in search of some of the most creative uses of vintage trunks and suitcases, and here are some of the best.... some you will have seen, others may be new to you

Image courtsey of a Beach Cottage
The Bar
Left can be here and right can be found here

Side Tables
Can be found here
Suitcase Drawers
By Jame Plumb image found here
Pet Beds
Available here
Can be found here
Bathroom Cabinet
The one on the left can be found here and the right can be found here

In all fairness we could have gone on FOREVER with different uses of suitcases but we had to stop somewhere! So have a look at our pinterest board and see some more ideas.  Also if you are inspired head to the shop and garb yourself a vintage suitcase or visit our Facebook page and spot a small selection of what is currently on offer.

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  1. Inspiring post! Nice selection of wunderful ideas! (:


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