Monday, 3 March 2014

Blackbird Tearooms

We spent a few days in Brighton last month, as always it fills me with excitement and inspiration, as it's a town made for a vintage enthusiast.... actually it's a town made for a life enthusiast as it can not so neatly be categorized as a "vintage" town, teeming as it is with so many creative businesses, shops and people.  This time one particular place caught my eye and I felt I had to share it here. As a vintage-loving tea-loving kind of girl I have been keen to visit the Blackbird Tea Rooms there since I stumbled across it on Facebook when it first opened... and so we- myself, husband and 2 (slightly less vintage loving) kids- went in search of it.
We found it in the midst of a February rainstorm and after ducking in to check they had a table we were seated upstairs.  The service from the off was fantastic, they didn't make us feel like we'd strayed in unwanted for bringing our two children in with us, despite the fact they tea rooms obviously has a very adult air, the waitresses were so lovely and interactive with both of them (they were less so as they were at the time playing Angry Birds!)

The decor and attention to detail in building was fantastic.  A lot of venues recently have tried to employ the deliberately mismatched pieces- and I think it takes work to get that right.  Blackbird Tearooms did it without your being aware they were even not all the same furniture or china- because it was so true to its ethos, a traditional 1930s style tea rooms. The wallpaper was like art in itself and I fell in love it, I fully plan on finding something similar for our bedroom. With traditional shop fittings and tins downstairs, and vintage or antique pictures and mirrors everywhere it oozed appeal. I could have looked happily stayed there all afternoon.
But unless you're me you are unlikely to go to a tea rooms for the decor alone (I'll be honest I was happy with just that!), you'll be wanting to know how it does as a tea rooms.... and we're happy to say there they lived up to expectations.  The tea was delicious, with a choice of brews and served in perfect tea pots plus china cups and saucers.  I ordered the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on an English muffin as I wanted something light... my only complaint was that it was bigger than I'd expected, not really a complaint any other time though! The children shared an enormous slice of the house special cake- Blackbird Cake (like a Victoria sponge but with blackcurrant jam instead), which they kindly split for them before it came to the table. 
Appropriately by the time we had left the sun was shining again, as if we truly had walked into another time briefly and come back with the sunshine!  With a love for vintage this was an ideal venue for me, a love for architecture and history it was perfect for my husband, and with their love for cake perfect for our children- and the staff didn't mind them playing angry birds at the table either! If you're in Brighton we would hugely recommend a trip to the Blackbird Tearooms on Ship Street, it's unassuming front hides one of the most delightful tea rooms I have had the pleasure of going to... and in the quest for tea or coffee I have been to a lot! 
Pictures taken on our phones as we were slightly unprepared- however thanks to SJR Photocgraphy for managing to take these ones we have.  You can see some other images for our trip to Brighton here

The Blackbird Tea Rooms can be found on 30 Ship Street, Brighton, BN1 1AD. You can follow them on Twitter here and find out more information on their website here.

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  1. That looks like my kind of place! Love the d├ęcor.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger


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