Saturday, 5 April 2014


One of our favourite haunts in Colchester has to be The Minories Art Gallery, and so we always head down for their new exhibitions.  The latest one "Use: A Miscellany of Collections of Objects" instantly attracted us, as we are greater believers in the simplest of items having a history and a beauty to them, and when we found out one of the collections were buttons it confirmed our interest!
The collections are deliberately of items which are considered the "middle-men" of objects, so an items that connect other items, change their shape or store them perhaps, which is why they are considered so unremarkable and overlooked usually.  To see lines of these objects on the walls, make you realise how just how much design can go in to even the most mundane appearing of objects, it gives them a beauty that they did not appear to have before.
As a celebration of everyday object it works very well, as upon going home, we found ourselves looking at the ordinary items with more notice.  Except buttons, that is one thing I have always appreciated and noticed, ever since as a child I dug through both my mother and my Grandmother's button boxes- sorting and playing with buttons for hours on end. As a vintage lover this exhibition appeals to the collector in me, as well as the part of me that will always wnat to protect things from being thrown away unappreciated.
We wholeheartedly recommend a trip down to this exhibition- and especially with the weather how it is at the moment you can take a look at the Birds of a Feather exhibition at the same time in the gardens.  This exhibition runs until Saturday 10 May 2014, opening hours: 10am – 5pm Monday to Saturday. The Minories Galleries,74 High Street, Colchester, Essex CO1 1UE. 01206 712437

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