Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Lucky Sew and Sew!

We are feeling Lucky Sew and Sew's today!  We are thrilled to announce the arrival of new stockists Lucky Sew and Sew to the shop with their range of vintage inspired lingerie.  

Lucky Sew and Sew was founded in late 2013, by the gorgeous mother and daughter duo, Diane and Carly. Both have a mutual love of all things vintage and together, they love to create lingerie inspired by their favourite eras, from the Roaring 20’s to the Fantastic 80’s.

Diane has always loved fashion, (and has a wardrobe to prove it), especially clothing from the 50’s and 60’s. From creating and making her own period curtains, to making Carly’s dress up costumes when she was a child, she has always been a dab hand on the sewing machine.

Carly has loved vintage clothing and styles for as long as she can remember. Her first school project was on the Teddy Boys of the 50’s, and remembers rummaging in Vintage shops as a teenager. Getting fed up of modern day fashion not fitting correctly, or being in the styles that she wanted, she decided to use her Mum’s sewing machine in 2012 to create a dress based on an original 1960’s pattern. From that moment on she was hooked.
Their joint love affair with lingerie, and the mutual agreement that nothing can make you feel more empowered than having the perfect lingerie set on underneath your clothes. Having looked, but not found, any vintage inspired lingerie in the styles that the ladies desired, they decided to try to make their own. This hobby soon became more of an obsession, and it quickly grew into something magical.

Original Vintage Designs
Lucky Sew and Sew’s pieces are based on original vintage sewing patterns and fashions of the different eras, but with a little bit of modern inspiration just for good measure. Every item that is made is designed, tested, and created by Diane and Carly themselves, and every single one is a labour of love.

From high-waisted panties that make you feel like a 1950’s Retro Starlet, to the soft and simple bras of the Gatsby era, we are set out to make sure you have the perfect style of Vintage inspired lingerie for your look.
After recent discussions with Lucky Sew and Sew, Lesley's Girls Vintage are thrilled to be able to stock their designs. I have long realised that to get vintage dresses to sit perfectly ideally you need to wear the right underwear shape (see this blog post). We knew we'd love the underwear from the photos we had seen and the fact that they were using genuine vintage patterns, but when we saw them in the flesh we were impressed by the excellent quality of the garments, and know that we can sell these pieces with confidence. Lesley's Girls Vintage will be stocking Lucky Sew and Sew from Thursday 15th May in their shop at GO4 Market Cafe. We are so excited to have them on board, you can find their pieces in store Monday- Saturday 09:30-16:30 at our bricks and mortar shop in GO4 Market Cafe, Holy Trinity Church, Colchester, CO1 1JN; so stop by and see the range of styles we are now stocking from the ladies at Lucky Sew and Sew!  

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