Monday, 16 June 2014

A Conversation

Recently we went along to The New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich and saw this play:

A Converstaion
“A darkly comic show guided by a 1920's conversation manual. 
Presented by Nigel and Louise.  In 1927 Ethel Cotton wrote a Course in Conversation. In twelve lessons she promised a fascinating new way to win poise, charm and personality.”

I'll be perfectly honest, myself and stalwart friend of Lesley's Girls Vintage Judy were not sure what to expect but had a rough concept of the show from the Ipswich Pulse Festival programme snippet above. However what we got was not at all what I thought we'd get!  
By no means an ordinary play, The Conversation was very amusing and also deeply uncomfortable in parts. Drawing attention to the somewhat British tendency to awkwardness in conversation, and our less than politically correct history. Less a play, it sits somewhere between a stand up comedian skit, a dialogue and a improvisation exercise, with more or less constant audience interaction! Nigel guides you through the chapters of the book while Louise's dialogues in between chapters provide “self test” summaries of Nigel's reading of the book. Definitely worth going to see, especially if your humour is slightly off beat or dark, if not then I still recommend you go if only to get the complimentary gin in jam jars provided by Nigel.


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