Monday, 2 June 2014

The Glamour of Italian Fashion

We are a VERY delayed this post due to the new shop opening, but we swung by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London for the press preview of the Glamour of Italian Fashion earlier this month to review it, as well as soak up the gorgeous fashions and get some extra inspiration for our future stock sourcing.  It was well worth it, with the sheer quantity of impossibly beautiful dresses and garments as well as being in one of our favourite museums it was always going to be a winner with us. So this is no longer a preview, as many of you may have already seen it.
Seeing the gowns on mannequins without faces or heads meant you appreciated them afresh.  Some of these dresses I had seen before but I more associated them with the actors who wore them, stripping them of the person who wears them means you really notice the intricacies of the design, although it does take some of the emotion form them.
The quality of the garments and the amount of work which must have gone in to designing them is immense, I adored every second of this exhibition. With so many different styles on display it makes you appreciate that Italian couture is more than just the perception of sharp tailoring- there are some cheeky styles and the sublime too.
If you are interested in fashion or vintage we would suggest this is a must see exhibition at V&A Museum and worth the visit overall. 

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