Tuesday, 16 September 2014

6 Things

We were asked recently in the shop what ten things we had learnt about wearing vintage in our time, It was such a interesting (slightly random) question we thought we would share our answers here, although we thought ten was a bit much so we stopped at six!

  1. Big 1950s skirts are not good on windy days, unless you have the foresight to have weighted hems.
  2. Size does not matter.  That gorgeous vintage dress you stumbled across is three sizes too big. Do not walk by, find a good seamstress and get it taken in,  or you may not even need to do that safety pins, belts and cardigans can do all manner of alteration for you. It''s worth it, if you walk away you may regret it.
    Likewise, if the dress is too small, do not write it off straight away. Check the seams, if there is allowance you may be able to take it out a bit.  Or if not and you can bear to alter an original design you may be able to slightly redesign the styling to get it to fit you.  Sometimes though you can't... which brings me to point three
  3. The disappointment when you find a vintage piece which is either moth eaten (ARGH RUN) or so small you can not possibly alter it to fit.  When that happens you will often remember the design and search for something similar for months afterwards often to no avail.
  4. The feeling of wearing a one of a kind piece.  When someone approaches you to compliment an outfit and ask where they can get one similar, the feeling you get knowing it is a one of a kind is priceless.
  5. You will be surprised time and time again.  That dress you picked up thinking it was a 1950s original from a distance is a 1980s reproduction when you look at the label and the hem.  Naturally having an aversion to 198os fashion I am constantly pulled up on that prejudice when I find something like that.
  6. Wearing vintage can be very rewarding (you find a perfect piece in your size) or very frustrating (your favourite skirts zip breaks after 2 months of precarious skirt wearing), but whatever it gives a real feel good factor, the satisfaction of finding a piece combined with the fact you are not necessarily following fashion but following your personal inclinations.
NB- I am far from a vintage snob, we love seeing modern clothes too and seeing how people wear them, it's just our personal love lies with vintage.  What other things would you add to this list?  Have you had any experience with point one?!  We have had too much sadly!!


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  2. My add to the list is you never expect to look at so many crotches on men's trousers when shopping for vintage suits!! (They are always the most worn or repaired place on the suit)




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