Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Hunting for the Perfect Dresss

When it comes to choosing a dress for an occasion, I take it seriously. I've often had the entire contents of my wardrobe emptied out whilst I search for the perfect outfit for an occasion. For the cocktail party however, I was a little smug, as I've actually had my dress picked out since July! Imagine my utter shock and dismay then, when I went to put on my perfect, amazing princess dress, only to find that it appears to have magically shrunk (because obviously I can't have grown bigger!!) in the last few months. That does mean that this beauty is now up for grabs so if you are looking for the perfect dress for our cocktail party then it can be yours for a mere £65, however it leaves me a little stuck. 

Once I realised that I was never going to squeeze myself into the dress, the lovely Janine ordered me two Lindy Bop dresses, which obviously I couldn't choose between so I planned to wear both. However, this plan has also been ruined by the thing of beauty that is Janine's 1930s Hollywood inspired number, which my dresses (although absolutely beautiful) can never live up to. So, I am in urgent need of a stunningly beautiful, sexy, amazing vintage-style number. Like, now. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know, if not... I'll be the one dashing madly round every shop in town!

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