Sunday, 25 January 2015

Novelty Prints

If you know me you'll know I am a huge fan of novelty print fabric.  A  vintage novelty print on a dress or skirt is a sure fire way to excite me.. yep it takes something that simple!!

So imagine my delight when another shop in our home at GO4 market cafe was selling this book The Victoria and Albert Collection: Novelty fabrics. It is a great little resource with gorgeous novelty prints from the 1920s to the 1940s.  Strangely 1950s novelty prints do not feature at all in this book, although there is another book published by the V&A dedicated to 1950s patterns so perhaps this explains the exclusion. 

This book is now out of print so you'll have to search Amazon or eBay to find it (this edition was printed in 1988), although when we have had our fill we will probably pass this through to the shop.  If you are a pinterest fan then pop over and see the pinterest board which runs alongside this with a curated selection of novelty prints. 
We would love to see some of your vintage pieces with novelty patterns, so get a picture on to social media and tag us @lesleys_girls, and we'll oooh and ahhh over them and then share them about.

Thanks to SJR Photography for images

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