Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Bobby Pin Hell

As a vintage loving lady with quite a lot of hair my hair is frequently up which involves a MILLION bobby pins.  

Tell me then how I have probably bought 200 bobby pins every other month, I am always finding them in my bag, pockets, the floor, washing machine drains, in the shop til, the shower, in the bed... well you get the idea- in short they are everywhere, so how it is when I actually need them to say, put my hair up, I can only find one?! Could it be people the house fairies are stealing them for their own nefarious purposes (see this list of ingenious alternative uses) or perhaps it is simply sod's law, or do they go to a bobby pin hell somewhere? Consigned to a place where they can no longer fulfill their primary purpose in life and must live in the underbelly of our home (essentially have they all just fallen through the floorboards).  

Who knows, all I know is it is flipping annoying... this is not the last you will hear about my bobby pin anger this year I am sure.
For added irony I couldn't find any bobby pins to photograph for this post so had to get a stock image!!!
One things for sure the ladies from Hairaid Shelter are never short of bobby pins, and they will be back in the shop on Saturday 2nd May, appointments available from 09:30 til 15:00.  Appointments cost £10 and last half an hour and can be booked by emailing info@lesleysgirlsvintage,com


  1. You need a lovely vintage trinket box to.put them.in

  2. My wife has about two packs of those things. She loves them


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