Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Red Hot!

I met the fantastic Fitzygogo again at the last Secret Vintage Fair after we first saw her at one of The Minories art fairs, and I finally took the opportunity to choose something from their fantastic collection.  The "Red Hot" tee featured in the fashion show at the fair and I decided that would be the one.... well I do have red hair (don't know about hot though being notoriously cold blooded)  So ordered the t-shirt on line and today it turned up (after a small sojourn in Colchester sorting office), the owner/creator/artist-extraordinaire of Fitzygogo Kymberly, had also popped in a couple of surprises too.
It turned up beautifully packaged in a limited run screen printed gift bag, and inside not only was there the red hot tee but also a brooch and a card... I now feel thoroughly spoilt, especially as I had nearly bought the brooch anyway. It's amazing how good a free gift makes you feel (even better than when you get your tenth drink free on your loyalty card at the coffee shop.... well almost better than that. I am a coffee addict after all) And the tee- was perfect.   It's fits like a glove, and the fabric is really fantastic quality- being pre-shrunk my usual fears of accidentally shrinking it when washing were gone.   With the extra little details of the print at the nape of the neck too, and the fact it is a limited edition makes it that much more special.
And for added extra cuteness- this Fitzygogo girl on the tee has a whole character story behind her , that is detailed when you visit the product on the website: "She ain‘t called “Red Hot” for nothing. With her starlet good looks and hair to die for, “Red Hot” is the centre of attention at all the parties. However, she is also a real down to Earth type of gal who enjoys nothing more than staying at home on a Friday night and washing her hair and painting her nail reds." Well okay so the character doesn't quite match the current owner (preference on a Friday night is generally popping out for a glass or three of wine and not so much hair washing... plus my hair is less to die for- rather just dyed) But I love the detail that has gone in to the design, it is so much more than just a top on its own!
Fitzygogo aims to create "art that is wearable, usable and just nice to look at"- definitely succeeded in that one for me personally. My only complaint is that it is hand-wash only - as it means I'll be doing more washing as I can imagine I will wear it a lot with my circle denim skirt.  Having said that most my vintage pieces are hand wash anyway so it just adds to my pile, so I am not that concerned by that.

Head over to Fitzygogo's website if you like what you see, and the limited edition Red Hot Tee is available for £18 at this link.

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