Monday, 11 July 2016

Eight must have vintage items

If you are a vintage lover or would like to start a vintage inspired wardrobe ('re talking 40's-early 0s style here) these are our top eight items we recommend...but as always clothing, vintage and style is personal so do what you like!  This is just inspiration...

1- Petticoats and Crinolenes
You could almost put this down three times!! 1 simply isn't enough, sometimes you want to be low key...other times the wider the better!  Be bold go big, no ones looking- actually they are -and GOOD so they should you look amazing

2- Foundation Wear
Sometimes that perfect dress needs the perfect foundation...bra and knickers to be precise. Those vintage dresses were designed on top of vintage underwear so go different get the right bra... like this set form Lucky Sew and Sew, or the fabulous bullet bras from What Katie Did.

3- Belts Belts Belts
The number of times I wear a dress and add a belt to it, whether it is supposed to or not it seems to break up a heavy pattern, add an extra element of shape or just add an interesting feature.

4- Bangles
This may be more personal but I adore bangles in all colours shapes and sizes.  They are the simplest of accessories and vintage dresses sometimes are quite a show stopper in themselves so something mroe subtle in accessories is called for.

5- Scarves
Well what else?!  You can use scarves in a million ways! From tying them around your neck, to using the as headwear, to adding as an accessory to a bag... well anything really.  Make sure you have one, or two and 200 in your collection

6- Bobby Pins
Well these little bad boys are self explanatory, if youw nat to vinatge up and outfit stick a few pins in your hair and create a vintage up do. Job done. But be warned they all vanish- don't ask me where but the do.  So buy a truck load.

7- Cardigans 
Most outfits modern or vintage can be transformed with a cardigan. It's good to have a range from larger knit (even men's) arran cardigans, to thin boleros.  They can completely change the look of an outfit...and give vital warmth!

8- Stockings
Love a pair of seamed stockings, they add instant glamour to any outfit, plus are always put of a classic vintage look.

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