Saturday, 9 July 2016

Perks of the job

Recently we had an invite to an event and after initial excitement at the party my mind went to a dark place....  I own a fair few dresses but when I thought about what to wear it was

And so after a minor panic

I decided that I should search for the perfect dress, which had to hit just the right tone..

Which resulted in some increasingly interesting outfit ideas...

Which I felt perhaps should be discounted from the master plan

At which point I was very slightly concerned I still had nothing to wear, no biggie I remained perfectly calm about the whole thing obviously. Realising that the outfit is not the most important thing and spending time with people you care about and enjoying good conversation was the priority.

Until my boyfriend pointed out I own a dress shop and maybe I might be able to have a look at those dresses

So this story has a happy ending when I remembered the perks of the job.  No doubt I will return to the dark wardrobe place though next time an event comes up!

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