Monday, 22 August 2016

Why I Love a Vintage Bike

I have a soft spot for vintage bikes.  As a lover of all things of the old and as a fairly environmentally minded person a vintage bike makes me smile (plus I have yet to pass my driving test so bikes are a necessity to me still!)

There is something I love though particularly about the Dutch Sit Up and Beg style of bicycle, in my head I will be gracefully sweeping along the road towards the shops with skirts flying and with images of bunches of flowers and baguettes in my basket...usually however, I am rushing with a laptop on my back towards the school to pick up my children, it may not be as glamorous but the bike certainly makes it more enjoyable!

We have just got back from a trip to France where we found some old bikes in the barn at the house- which is what has got me thinking about my love of these bikes again.  The old image in my head was as close to be real as it could be- gliding down country lanes between fields of enormous sunflowers on a dilapidated but perfectly and wonderfully usable 1950s French bike, the sun shining on us while we headed to the boulangerie to buy baguettes.  It couldn't be more cliched and I loved every minute of it!! 
With that in mind I have sourced a couple of cute vintage bikes for the shop for you to enjoy- look out for part two for images and details on these.  Gently cycle in to town to get your shopping sporting a huge vintage dress and literally "go to town" with the theme or throw on a pair of jeans and a jumper to go to your local pub. Whatever you choose to do these bikes don't just look good they create a sense of adventure that I never can quite reproduce with a modern styled bike so get out there, grab a bike and enjoy!

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