Friday, 22 September 2017

Inbetween Seasons

It's the Autumn Equinox today, and the glorious (sometimes!) summer gives way to the crisp autumnal weather.  We love trudging through the fallen leaves and conkers in knee high booots and tweed fabrics. The problem is we ALWAYS struggle to manage our wardrobe at this time of year and find an inbetween- and yes we know the same things happens every year, we really should have cracked it by now....we think we have some handy inbeween helpers though, so you don't need to pack those cotton dresses away just yet!

Your transitional seasonal wardrobe essentials!

Tights and leggings: they can warm up any outfit, a summer dress is instantly wearable in the colder months, and if you choose various colours, patterns or designs you can spruce up a dull outfit. And a pair of seamed stockings can move an outfit from Granny Chic to 1940s glamour 

Scarves and pashmina's: I find myself reluctant to put a thick coat on as I invariably end up carrying it an hour later, so often a scarf takes the edge or, and if its a big pashmina can be used in lieu of a coat if it gets too cold.
Some of our favourite autumn outfits- layered up 1970s vintage slacks or woollen knits teamed with a summer dress

Blazers and suit jackets: vintage is nothing if not versatile.  Suit jackets and blazers can be teamed with floaty summer dresses to give an autumnal edge.

Layers: The number of times I am reminded to layer up (hands up I'm guilty I don't) but layers can keep you in those lighter clothes a bit longer, add a camisole underneath, or team up a dress with a cardigan or even a vintage blouse and you instantly gain extra degrees of warmth.

Hats and Headscarves: They are so often seen as the realm of the winter wardrobe- bobble hats a plenty, but hats can be worn the whole year round.  A beret can be a chunky knit wool for those colder days or could be a lighter thinner wool knit perfect for the autumn season.  And with the unexpected gales and rainstorms, I always have a head scarf in my bag.  

These are a few very very simple ideas to help us through the seasons changing.  We would love to hear your ideas on transitional wardrobes

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