Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Is it Spring yet?!

I can't be the only one in this country to be wishing it was spring yet? I cannot possibly be the only one who feels like January has lasted an eternity!  So with the excitement of wearing my newly repaired vintage dress (thanks sis), a glance at my calendar (nearly February), the sight of a little sunshine and the temperature just tipping into the teens I got a touch excited yesterday morning. And still excited with the new found freedom of my car (side note- I passed my test and bought a car- just a little modern Renault oh how it should have been a vintage MG!) I headed out for drive and a walk in the countryside in this teasing weather, before the heavens opened and I returned to my desk shivering and wet thus proving it is still not spring!

There is something eternally heartwarming and unchanging about a walk around Dedham- especially at this time of year.  The beautiful Georgian buildings which are never changed with modern fittings, they always seem to have just had a fresh coat of paint, cottages overlooking the mill pond with fresh white sheets fluttering in the wind, the little mill pond filled with ducks and swans pottering about their business, snowdrops and blossom sprinkled across the graveyard and the sight of little wellie boot clad toddlers running through the village.  So we walked, took in the atmosphere and headed home, just a little refreshed and ready for the year ahead- with the massive big moon everyone has been banging on about, the year begins in earnest now its just about February (we all know January is for sleeping really)

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  1. That was a lovely walk - beautiful warm (ish) morning compared with today!


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