Lesley's Girls Vintage is a vintage fashion and haberdashery shop specialising in vintage pre-1970s, with a particular penchant for the 1940s and 50s.  As habitual wearers of vintage Lesley's Girls know what to look for when sourcing their vintage stock.

All true vintage stock is handpicked, cleaned, pressed and repaired (unless state otherwise).  Items are picked base on their quality, their wearabiliy, history and beauty.  They have recently branched out and now also stock reproduction vintage dresses by Hell Bunny.  They know that our customers love vintage dresses, but are sometimes disappointed that they do not come in a range of sizes (obviously!) and so have decided to stock a limited selection of reproduction dresses.
Established in 2011 by two sisters with a shared love of history, fashion and family. Running a vintage shop allowed them to indulge in the first two without neglecting the last. Over twenty five years ago their mother passed away when they were children; she was a great inspiration, a fabulous seamstress and a brilliant mother... and she had killer eyeliner flicks in her youth! Although there is no rhyme or reason for a family to lose their mother so early, it has led to them being closer and stronger as a family, and ultimately thanks to their close sisterly bond they decided to set this shop up together in August 2011, and named it in memory of their mother- Lesley.

Susannah is taking a back seat for the time being, although she is involved in every major decision of the shop. Her creative prowess is always stretched as she works with the items that are not usable or wearable in their current state to give them a new lease of life.

Bricks and Mortar
You can also find Lesley's Girls in their home shop within Colchester's oldest building, a now deconsecrated church: GO4 Market Cafe, Holy trinity Church, Trinity Street, Colchester, CO1 1JN

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